The market success of any designed product depends on a properly developed brand. In addition to selecting a unique name, logo and slogan, our integrated marketing service also includes the creation of packaging design, brochure and website, as well as the format of online/offline advertisements that fit with image uniformity. The use of a customized display to support personal sales, and other retail tools are also included in our offer. Visual documentation becomes necessary in various stages of product life cycles: 3D visualizations – in the concept stage, product photos – in the case of finished products. This holistic design process guarantees that the product will be marketed with a uniform, professional look.

The Host of Idea

I have a superb idea. I’ve found a problem for which there isn’t any good solution. I would like my idea to be realized, so I need a team that will help me work out a concept design. I know which functions are desired, I know the needs of prospective customers and similar or competing products available in the market.

The Manufacturer

My company has a well formulated range of products, into which we would like to fit a new product. We would like to introduce a new product or product line to the market but the possibility exists that we would like to upgrade the look of our existing successful products. We have the production line already established and the production technology for which the design shall be adapted. We need a team that performs well in the market, is creative and with whom we can cooperate in the long run. It should understand our products, bring new vision to the projects and, if necessary, be flexible in the design. It happens that we have a technical solution ready for which a functional, ergonomic and aesthetic “cover” should be designed.

Steps of cooperative working leading to success


We start with a personal discussion or a discussion through video chat. The aim is to identify the task as thoroughly as possible so that in our offer we can determine exactly the design stages, the price and timing. Going through a questionnaire we ask targeted questions and jointly outline the project. We determine the type, the concept and further necessary details of the design task.

Result: Detailed quotation as soon as possible


Following a relevant market overview, we consult frequently with the customer to start our design work with an accurate brief. Market research, competitive analysis and other similar marketing activities are performed by our partner company. The result of the briefing process is a comprehensive task description, which sets out the planned product.

Result: Professional Brief


Concept development consists of several important processes: individual brainstorming, group brainstorming and sketching. At this stage, designers and representative of special areas of expertise related to the task have meetings. This multi-round brainstorming delivers distinct concepts. The process of sketching is no different than when an experienced designer presents sketches of different design directions and concepts.

Result: First Report / Concept Plan and expert recommendations


Once a customer has selected the design most appropriate to their needs, we begin to build a three-dimensional visual plan using our CAD software. Depending on the task, we present photo-realistic visual plans, additional structural drawings or - optionally - animations. We collaborate with a manufacturer or a technical developer of the original idea. During this process, smooth communications and rapid reaction time are particularly important for both parties.

Result: Second Report / Design Phase Completion.


We monitor the technical documentation of the finalized design, thus guaranteeing that the product is designed with a high degree of similarity. Here we are in constant contact with the developers. We fully monitor the prototyping process, test pre-production batches and the process of mass production.

Result: Prototype / Pilot batch / Batch manufacturing


We deliver all documentation of the design (CAD models, renders, photorealistic visual images) to the customer and archive it on our own server, which can serve as a backup for our customer as well.

Result: Happy customer


Our graphic team prepares project presentation sheets in the desired format for proposals and/or presentations.  We are also able to prepare a video of the presentation material.


REMION design is a creative agency in business since 2014.  We specialize in industrial design, branding, UI/UX design and photography.


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