The three pillars of design


When we bring a product to life, three main aspects are taken into consideration. We first examine functionality, the planned purpose of the given product. We then develop a design concept that is innovative as well as practical.


The second aspect is usability. We examine who will use the product and how it will be used. It is important that in addition to aesthetics the product should meet the expectations of its environment.  We regard the ergonomics of the design so that is will be comfortable for the user.  Finally we examine the characteristics of the particular brand to confirm that if is recognizable and identifiable. This is a cornerstone of good design.


The third important aspect is manufacturability. In addition to cost-effective production beneficial for the purchaser, the life of the product is also considered. In the course of the design process we think about how the product will fit into the environment so as to leave the smallest footprint possible.

What do we mean by INNOVATION?

Using design tools, we provide new, future-oriented solutions to design demands and problems arising now or in the future.

What do we mean by CREATIVITY?

Astounding solutions that cause others to say, “I wish I had thought of that." We work out an original concept or suggest solutions based on new applications of existing technologies and knowledge.

What do we mean by EXPERTISE?

Experience and accumulated knowledge of over 10 years. In all projects our primary goal is to design manufacturable, usable and saleable products. We are familiar with different materials and manufacturing technologies that can be applied to your projects.  We also have a reliable partner system we can call on to help with challenging situations.

What do we mean by THE FUTURE?

Development, sustainability, environmental awareness. We are looking for answers to the problems arising now and may well become answers to issues arising in the future.

What do we mean by COOPERATION?

We always find common language with our customers, because we focus on a common purpose. We like to work with partners who think like us and are experts in their field of knowledge.

We believe in open and clear communication so that in working together unexpected and superb ideas can be born.


REMION design is a creative agency in business since 2014.  We specialize in industrial design, branding, UI/UX design and photography.


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