The Cl-ears is an ear cleaning device that is specifically designed for everyday use at home.

The cl-ears has three main functions: pulsating ear shower, air blow drying and gentle suction. These functions operate on gentler intensity for children. The device is completely waterproof, so it can be used safely during a shower or a bath.

– Using the device can contribute to clean ear canal, it improves hygiene and comfort level, and     can result in better hearing and less ear problems.
– completely waterproof
– simple & safe to use
– portable
– innovative design
– ergonomic shape
– led display
Earwax is produced continuously in the human ear canal, and there are many reasons why it can not leave that. It collects dust, dirt and of course bacteria.
Symptoms of earwax buildup include the feeling of fullness, itching, vertigo, pain, tinnitus (a persistent ringing in the ears), coughing and partial hearing loss. Just in the USA, more than 12 million people visit medical professionals annually for earwax removal, which could be prevented by proper hygiene techniques.
The cl-ears system includes a pre- and post-treatment spray. The first is a softening liquid that dissolves ear wax, the latter is a moisturizing spray that helps us to prevent the dryness of the ear canal.
The cl-ears offers an innovative solution by applying a special ear wash method used by otologists and allows anyone to properly maintain clean ear canals at home. Thereby, it enhances the feeling of comfort and hygiene, provides better hearing and prevents ear problems.
The device heats the filled water temperature up to 36°C, and after selecting the irrigate function, pushing the main button starts at the appropriate intensity, pulsating a water stream that washes through the ear canal.
The specifically designed narrow end can position the water stream when it is placed in the ear canal and it helps the effluent water leave. The ergonomic design (rotating head, precisely positioned buttons) makes convenient use for everyone.
You can choose weaker functions on the LED display, which are calibrated specifically for children. And you can also check the most important information: the filled water temperature and the charging level for example.
The cl-ears offers two ways to remove unnecessary water from the ear: air blow drying or gentle suction.
You can pair the cl-ears via Bluetooth with your mobile phone

During the ergonomic design process we kept simple, convenient and easy use in mind. So we chose the diameter of the trunk of device according to that, as well as the location of the buttons and the display, the size and the position of the information icons on the screen, the form of the swivel head, and the removable narrow end. Meanwhile the different materials help us to maintain a clean and safe device usage.

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