The primary objective of Remion Design is to design objects which are timeless in form, use, material and preparation. With this philosophy in mind the cooperation between Sonnette Workshop and Remion Design was born to create the Blanc Concept Collection. The Sonnette brand came to life in 2010 under the tender care of Györgyi Judit Takács, who makes unique jewelry collections mainly made of leather with sophisticated, attentive expertise. Current palette of products include leather sleeves and other accessories which combine traditional handwork’s durability and customization granted by modern technology.

We only use the greatest quality materials for our products, therefore we examine and choose the leather for our work with absolute care. The durability of natural leather is well-known, as not only it is long-wearing, but if treated well, it only gets more beautiful and mature with time. To emphasize this every one of our sleeves and accessories are sewn and the edges are dyed with hand. We ensure the very best quality for each and every one of our leather products.

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