Serial production

Vacuum casting/Design and manufacture of the injection moulding device/ Plastic injection moulding

Vacuum casting on a small-scale

The next stage of our tested prototype, by which perfect small-scale solutions can be achieved.  This production technique is already applicable for the manufacture of usable final products.

By means of vacuum casting small-scale, high-quality spare parts can be created based on a so-called master model.  By the creation of vacuum in the silicone tool,  fine details and tiny features can be perfectly copied and maintained during the serial production.
Thus, our product not only represents a high-quality but thanks to the wide range of polyurethane synthetic resin types, the high level of load-bearing capacity is also assured. Besides, the items fulfil all mechanic requirements also. As a result, the properties of items made by this method are very close to the qualities of items produced by traditional injection moulding. In case small-scale production is preferred, it is highly recommended to consider this manufacturing technique as it is much more cost-effective than producing by means of injection moulding.

Tool design & manufacture

In close cooperation with our client we aim to work out the future product already from the initial phase in such a way that it fulfils all criteria regarding possible serial production, and for this purpose we assemble the most suitable  injection moulding device (either steel or aluminium) for the project. We do so according to the Meusburger standards.  

Injection moulding

Thanks to our vast experience in the field of design and production we also offer special techniques and individual solutions. Regardless of the prime materials used, both large- and small-scale production is included in our portfolio. We offer a comprehensive production process from the very beginning until the elaboration of the most sophisticated details at the end. By using our fast prototyping devices we offer unique products made of identical raw materials, but special colouring techniques and surface solutions also belong to our services.  Two-component injection moulding is also possible.

Steel & aluminium tool manufacturing by CNC.

We can widen the production possibilities by employing supplementary services, but we can offer these only as complex components of the products: laser welding, laser engraving, anodizing, galvanizing, coating, powder painting, heat-treatment, nitriding.

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