Supplementary design services

Every single product produced on a large scale needs a logo, a web shop and a packaging design.

Project image

It is a common practice that the logo of the producer or the distributor or the name helping to identify the given product should be placed on the item. Within the frames of this service of ours we work out the 2D graphics required for the design, for example we provide image design and the preparation of the logo for technical usage. Other services in this field: Re-coding of  Ral colours of the product for the eligibility with printing or online surfaces (RAL, cmyk, panton and rgb colour management), packaging design, sales brochure and PPT presentation, template design and design of product usage instructions. All these can be produced by a given, previously set deadline.

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Packaging design & manufacture

The product has to be placed in its own container tailored to its own characteristics so that it remains safe on the way to the stores. At the same time, an attractive packaging also catches the eye of possible buyers. The main goal for the designer in charge of working out the packaging is to avoid or at least decrease the risk of eventual damages which may occur during storage and transportation. Besides, promoting impulsive purchases is also in the focus. The packages are designed in such a manner that they fulfil all pre-arranged requirements regarding display in the stores (euro…) and at the same time get a unique graphic look.

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Product photography

We also offer professional photos of the products either presented in an optional environment or meant as a promotional photo in a web shop with a neutral background. Depending on the usage of the future usage of the product we take either outdoor or indoor photos. Additional work on the selected original photos will be carried out in accordance with our client’s visions.


The website promoting the product may be a transitional so-called one-pager website which may help the project initiators in the conceptual phase with finding their future investor. On the other hand the website can be a responsive one too, which presents the whole brand and product range in a comprehensive way and to which also an online web shop and a professional blog – crucial regarding SEO – may be attached in addition. The REMION Design team carries out both web design and website development within the frames of the company, as a result, websites can be created and designed in a cost-effective and flexible way. The website in operation will be provided with the necessary SEO- settings too.

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