REMION Design Ars Poetica

Our design philosophy, that is, this is how we look upon design

Why do we love objects? Why do we want to obtain new products? Do we purchase a new mobile telephone in order to communicate with the world in an up-to-date manner? Or do we buy jewellery in order to seem even more attractive? Most conscious consumers purchase the most suitable product for them, and use these until the end of the life-cycle of the product. Consequently, the products that we purchase also reflect back our own self up to certain extent. Undoubtedly, almost everyone has a favourite object. Surely you can also mention at least one such item. The reason why I decided to be a designer is that I love to create functional and characteristic objects. I really hope that I will be able to design such a product that may become someone’s absolute personal favourite.

András Oravecz

Designer / CEO