The design process

Design of common utensils, outdoor and indoor furniture and loT products

The process of giving a price offer

As the first step our clients provide us with the background history of their product idea and based on our professional experience we complete their concept with all the necessary features that seem to be indispensable for actual serial production.

After having set all the technical, functional and aesthetic requirements, we present a price offer which includes all items and serves as the basis of further negotiation.

The result of this stage:

Price offer including all the items which is forwarded to you as an A4-size PDF-file.

Start of the project

After having authorised the contractor’s or framework agreement in accordance with our business partner, the cooperation gets underway. From the client’s side, either the rough concept or the full specification of the item to be produced is provided.  It is a general truth that there are no two identical tasks, as a result, all details have to be scrutinised and assessed within the frames of a workshop in which both parties take part. Thanks to such a consultation, the time management of the subsequent step – namely design based on  free hand drawing  –  is expected to be highly effective. Communication will be improved also by using a common project management software with our client, we will make a proposal for the exact specification of the software in person.

The result of this stage:

An A4-size PDF-format documentation presenting all the details of the task. New developments and data will be continuously added to it as the design and production process goes ahead.

Concepts based on free hand drawing/market survey/project logo design

As part of our design process we update the benchmark survey provided by our client with our own one and accompanied by continuous communication we reach together the final version of our design concepts. We obtain our survey results from public sources, so in case of the disclosure of non-public patents need to give  another price offer.  In the so-called sketch-phase of our work we start to develop at least three independent design versions and by the end of this stage only one is taken into consideration for further elaboration. In case the project or product does not have an own image yet, in this stage we may start to work it out too. The outcome of this graphic design is an image handbook which helps provide the future product with an adequate logo with a suitably designed 2D-vector silhouette and at the same time contains the pertaining RAL colours too.

The result of this stage:

The design approved by our client presented as a free-hand drawing and the finalised project image.

Industrial design

This is where the 3D modelling of the design version finalised in the previous stage gets underway and where the 3D CAD model consisting of the tiny and fine details of the product is worked out. In this stage we can also provide photorealistic visualisation of the project in the form of an attractive brochure, which may contribute significantly to the sales promotion of the product. After the conclusion of the 3D modelling we may get a clear picture of the actual dimensions of the product, including the details of its shape and its weight. If our client also supports the visualisation presented, the process of prototype-level 3D CAD modelling may commence.

The result of this stage:

Photorealistic visualisation is created so that the prototype-phase may begin. Besides, enough image content is collected for a temporary website and a sales brochure.

Prototype-level 3D CAD modelling

The prototype-level 3D CAD model is created in this stage according to the industrial design. The prototype production has several stages, among other things 3D plastic and metal printing and small-scale manufacture by means of vacuum-casting technique. We offer these kinds of services in order to gather enough experience regarding the ergonomics and construction of the future product and to carry out tests regarding its performance.

The result of this stage:

Options for the manufacturing of the following sorts of prototypes:

Price offer for plastic 3D printing
Price offer for metal 3D printing/CNC milling

Final design / manufacturable CAD modell

After having obtained and analysed all the experiences gained from either the 3D metal printed or vacuum-cast pilot series, we can proceed to the building-up of the CAD model of the finalised design. We define the final RAL colour codes of the product. Our design is not just an abstract concept any more, but it will soon be converted into an actual, physical product. Serial production will be built upon the design documentation elaborated in this stage.

The result of this phase:

A 3D-model, which serves as the starting point for the manufacture of the injection moulding machine

Price offer for the vacuum casting process in small series
Price offer for the design and manufacturing of the injection moulding machine
Price offer for the bulk (large-scale) production

Tool design & manufacturing / production by injection moulding technique

The knowledge base gained during the course of several years is concentrated in the hands of the management, which renders the operative processes effective and also has some advantages regarding logistics. The technical documentation of the steel injection moulding machine is finalised based on the 3D CAD model approved by our client and after a final consultation, the machine is actually manufactured by means of CNC milling technology. The tool housings are produced according to the Meusburger standards. Depending on the series volume the tool will be made either of steel or aluminium. The manufacture of the tools and the production using injection moulding technique takes place at the very same site, so the whole process can be carried out in an effective way. Storage of the products manufactured is also possible up to a pre-arranged period of time.

The result of this stage:

Manufacture of the injection moulding machine capable of producing good quality in a tested and controlled way plus the creation of the final product on the pre-arranged high scale.

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