András Oravecz

Product Designer / CEO

András, as a founding member, has been present in the life of REMION Design from the very beginning. Before and after obtaining a master’s degree at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design), he worked as a designer at several companies, including Red Dot Design Award projects. Using this experience gained in a number of design projects, every day, with renewed energy he throws himself into the innovative design work of REMION Design and oversees branding projects. In his spare time, if the weather permits, he goes cycling


Rita Reszegi

Graphic & Webdesigner

She has been working for the company as a graphic and webdesigner since 2015. She completed higher education studies in Nyíregyháza and Oradea. Along with learning she quickly gained experience in the design world and the UI/UX design tasks appeared to be the most attractive to her. Our most smiley, cat-friendly colleague easily copes with the tasks assigned to her and works together with the rest of the team in perfect harmony.


Réka Velkey

Product Designer

Réka graduated in 2018 at BME University ( Budapest University of Technology and Economics), her major specialisation was Industrial Design Engineering. She did her thesis work as a member of the REMION team, she has been part of our team since then. She contributes to the work of András in the field of product and industrial design. In her free time she loves doing sports, in recent years she has been doing fiveball, she likes hiking and has been a member of the scouting movement since her childhood.


Lídia Incze

3D Operator

Lídia obtained her master's degree in 2019 at the Budapest University of Technology and started working for us in the last semester. Her main responsibilities are product and industrial design. She loves to go on trips, both at home and abroad, and thus trying and preparing international food is one of her favorite hobbies.


Maja Major

Project Manager

Maya started as the newest member of our team in 2019. She is currently pursuing a correspondence at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University as a health tourism organizer. Due to her studies, personality and previous coordinating, marketing experience, she has excellent logistics, organizational and communication skills, which she uses as a project manager in the office. She is the right hand of the office, with her day-to-day work, allows members of our team to get the most out of themselves. As a girl from Szeged, she got used to the beautiful view of the Duomo and the Reök Palace, but she wouldn't change the view of the office overlooking the "Feneketlen" Lake.


Rimóczi Péter

Mechanical Engineer / Manufacturing

He joined the REMION team in 2018. He did his studies at the BME University at the Faculty of Transportation Engineering, mechanic engineering being his major specialisation. There he got acquainted with the high-quality prototype engineering and production, in which he has gained several decades of experience since then. During this time he worked together with as much as 80% percent of the engineering and design enterprises based in Hungary, consequently he can show up a vast experience in this field. He is motivated by the challenges which he faces and tackles every single day.


Angéla Erdős

Photographer & Graphic designer

Angéla helps REMION work as an external collaborator in photography and design activities. She completed her higher education in Nyíregyháza and then in Eger. She loves to use traditional graphic techniques, one of her favorites is woodcut. She's hiking a lot, whenever she can, the closeness to nature encourages her creative work.