András Oravecz

Product Designer / CEO

András, as a founding member, has been present in the life of REMION Design from the very beginning. Before and after obtaining a master’s degree at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design), he worked as a designer at several companies, including Red Dot Design Award projects. Using this experience gained in a number of design projects, every day, with renewed energy he throws himself into the innovative design work of REMION Design and oversees branding projects. He spends his free time with his family.


Rita Reszegi

Graphic & Webdesigner

She has been working for the company as a graphic and webdesigner since 2015. She completed higher education studies in Nyíregyháza and Oradea. Along with learning she quickly gained experience in the design world and the UI/UX design tasks appeared to be the most attractive to her. Our most smiley, cat-friendly colleague easily copes with the tasks assigned to her and works together with the rest of the team in perfect harmony.


Dorottya Peredi

Industrial designer

As the newest member of REMION, Dorottya has been strengthening our design team since 2024. She began his design studies in Sopron, then broadened her knowledge abroad (in Portugal and Denmark). Her passion is furniture design, creative design management, creation of branding and design concepts. Her mission is to keep sustainability in mind during design, so she pays special attention to this in the choice of materials and production.

Dorottya Vogel

Project & Marketing Manager

As an external marketer, Dóri helped REMION's work, and the positioning of the company's online presence, during her studies, from 2016. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of BME and then gained experience in content production and PPC marketing at an advertising agency. She officially joined us in 2022, and thanks to her experience and personality, she soon supported the work of the office with project management tasks.


Angéla Erdős

Photographer & Graphic designer

Angéla helps REMION work as an external collaborator in photography and design activities. She completed her higher education in Nyíregyháza and then in Eger. She loves to use traditional graphic techniques, one of her favorites is woodcut. She's hiking a lot, whenever she can, the closeness to nature encourages her creative work.

Réka Velkey

Product Designer

Réka graduated in 2018 at BME University ( Budapest University of Technology and Economics), her major specialisation was Industrial Design Engineering. She did her thesis work as a member of the REMION team, she has been part of our team since then. She contributes to the work of András in the field of product and industrial design. In her free time she loves doing sports, in recent years she has been doing fiveball, she likes hiking and has been a member of the scouting movement since her childhood.


From June, 2024, she’s spending her maternity leave, but we can’t wait her to come back!