Design can be regarded as the story of how an initial good idea is transformed into a product which reaches the stage of serial manufacturing. The team of REMION Design accompanies you throughout the whole process, from defining the actual task through design and prototype management to mass production.

András Oravecz

Designer / CEO

About industrial design

Design is a contemporary kind of art in which the designer artist benefits from the several possibilities of mass production during the creative work.
Given the modern manufacturing techniques at our disposal, the REMION Design Studio creates both artistic and functional objects. If you are interested in the process in which a concept is transformed into a product manufactured in large quantities, please find the details below.

The design process

The three main basic elements of design and manufacture:

Product idea analysis

Unique design

Production optimization

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Prototype manufacturing

The first prototype of the product is the first palpable footprint of the initial idea. A high-quality prototype significantly contributes to the success of the design process as it provides a great deal of useful experience later, be it a 3D-print or a vacuum-cast version. Hence we may regard the prototype manufacturing as the main test for serial production.

About prototype production

Mass production on small and large scale

As the design process has been concluded and the prototype pilot series has cleared all hurdles we move on to the preparation works of the series, which is to be produced by means of injection moulding technique. Having finalised the design and assembly of the injection moulding machine, one of the most important phases of product development gets started, namely the serial production by injection moulding technique.

About serial production

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