Our Portfolio

Our finalised industrial designs, prototypes and mass-produced items so far include:

ONO Speaker

Further development of a diploma thesis.

Axis Pro

Device for measuring axle-like components


Rechargeable ultrasonic tick and flea repeller


Creative living

Dentist Robot

The world's first autonomous dental robot

Pro Cycling | The board game

Pro Cycling The Board Game


Control everything with this smart home hub!

Senses Environment Sensor

Smart loT sensor that cannot be deceived in any way


The ear cleaning device

Filipper Grip

Get a Comfy Shower. Wherever.

MILANO Information Kiosk

A textile-covered kiosk designed for wheelchair users

XE Stroller & Childseat

A stroller that can be converted into a baby seat


TYR game character design


Prismatic lampshade design

FInTechShow Award 2017

Fusing of the letters F and S within a design image

VULCAN Ski boots

Ski boots concept, designed for Dalbello, made at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Weighty Light

Mobile phone dock with extra concrete load

Concrete Surface

Unique bottle design, covered by special concrete

Aura Aroma Lamp

Concrete and aluminium aroma diffuser