Milano is a fabric covered information & ticketing kiosk, which can be easily accessed also by wheelchair users. 


Most of the information and ticketing kiosks are not designed to be easily accessed by wheelchair users. In the same time most of the kiosks are built using heavy materials making it difficult to transport and install.

The Milano kiosk offers a solution for both problems in the same time. The two standard sized touchscreens has been positioned in such a way as the average people and the wheelchair users can have easy and comfortable access to it.

As an addition the structure is covered with fabric offering a series of benefits such as variety of colours and design, lightweight, economic to name a few.

Fabric is a much lighter & cheaper material than aluminium, steel, polycarbonate or Corian, which also has a positive impact on transport and installation. Fabric allows sound & light to pass through the material, making it possible to install speakers or ticketing displays behind it. While fabric is a considerably cheaper material, it also reflects a premium category impression.

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