The IDOMIO system is a group of 6 products : HUB, Smart Controller, Smart Plug, Smart Heat Controller, Smart Switch, Smart Dimmer. The devices communicate using the Z-Wave radio frequency communication protocol, the biggest advantage of which in terms of fast and versatile data transfer is that their power consumption is extremely low, so the products are wireless smart devices with their own battery.


With the heat controller, heating can be controlled. The system can detect how long it takes to heat the apartment up, so users only have to specify when they get home.

The system is able to determine the comfort temperature taught by the user: set a lower humidity with higher temperature and vice versa.

It is a motorized, battery-powered device that can be placed on a radiator or heating controller, which regulates the heating or the water temperature, so the heating can be adjusted per room.


It is a smart plug which measures power consumption.


- At the "base" of lamps (let zero and phase).
- Space for two consumers in one unit.
- Z-wave communication.
- On/off function.
- Consumption measurement (signals if a lamp stayed switched on or the led consumes too much energy).


Has a similar function as the switch, only with this we can control the brightness (with a proper bulb).


The control centre of the system is the hub, which must be connected to a network (230v) and the Internet connection must be provided via the home router.


Each touchpoint can be assigned a different function (light switch, thermostat adjustment, music switching on one surface while one presses the Philips hue, the other the nest, the third the Spotify), via connection software.

The product has an E-Ink display, which allows us to minimize energy consumption. We get the most important information on one display, making our lives simpler and more comfortable, managing the most important capabilities of our home with fewer devices. The product can be detached from the dock, so it can be moved inside the apartment.

- E-ink display, sensitive touch screen.
- Own power supply.
- Zigbee / zwave communication between switches and the central unit.
- The interface + function displayed on the switch can be modified via a phone app.
- Connection to external systems via api ( nest, Philips hue, Spotify, etc.).



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